Monica Miller Coaching


I’m Monica.


As a life coach, my approach is to assist you to create more fulfilling relationships, actualize your personal goals, or work with health or other issues using the highly effective method of Inner Relationship Focusing. I would be honored to accompany you on your journey, to help you connect with your deeper self and assist you in removing blocks to moving forward in your life.

Through Monica’s Coaching You can Learn to:

Hold and experience your life situations in a different way

Regain balance

Gently address and release the traumas that may have overwhelmed you and held you back

Loosen blocks to allow you to move toward your goals without pressuring yourself or being perfectionistic

Transform vague discontent into a greater sense of joy and presence

Private Sessions and Events

Private Sessions

Private Coaching Sessions with Monica Miller 50 minute sessions Sliding scale $100-150.

Private coaching for individual needs and for those interested in learning the method of Inner Relationship Focusing.

Contact Monica by:

774 836 4376


About Monica


Monica has spent a lifetime engaged in the active practice of alternative healing techniques inspired while living and studying at Esalen Institute in Big Sur California from age 20. Monica’s coaching practice has been influenced by her Focusing training with Ann Weiser Cornell, the Center for Healing Shame in Berkeley California as well as studies in the somatic fields of Esalen massage, Roth 5 Rhythms and Barbara Brennan Healing Science. She is the mother of two adult children and lives with her partner in Northern California.


2023 Inner Relationship Focusing Levels 1-4 taught by Monica Miller and assistants. Contact Monica for more information.

Anchors and Swimmers Group Focusing Salon with Monica Miller and Assistants

1st Friday of each month 10 am PST (or 4pm PST to accommodate Australia). We will practice as a group using Focusing tools to communicate across different topics such as racism, gender, agism etc. Online Monthly. Free. Limited to 8 participants per session. Not recorded. Please contact Monica for participant space availability. 

Participant Feedback for Anchors and Swimmers

“I was really struck and surprised by the extent to which sensing in my body and noticing the feel of what someone was saying as they expressed their feelings along with their views allowed me to feel the good intention behind the content of what they were saying, even if their viewpoint was very different to my own. And how that opened my heart towards them, when sticking merely at the level of ideas and beliefs wouldl likely have left me feeling like we were in opposition.”

“Thank you. I really enjoyed being there. I always feel a little uncertain in completely new situations, but now I’ve seen how it works I would be very happy to be an anchor or a swimmer next time and I would very much like to participate again. As I said in the group, I felt like it really just scratched the surface of what might be possible and I am excited to explore more. I agree with what you said at the end, that it makes sense to go gently even if that feels slow. My guess is that if a relatively consistant group continued over time that there would be a natural deepening even in these short sessions. Though I can’t help feeling than even another half an hour would make quite a difference. I’d certainly be up for a 1.5 hour session.”

“It brought up a lot of questions for me around the differences between direct experience, felt sense, belief, opinion, assumption and judgement and how they might impact the ‘outcome’ of the process. I could certainly imagine that having more experience with Focusing (or some other modality that has the same effect) of seeing how your internal experience and viewpoint can change, sometimes even quite drastically, as inner experience is felt into, would be very helpful to holding things more lightly and being less identified with your own perspective. But I also completely see the value in including people with little or no Focusing experience and I would love to see how the process itself achieves (or not, but I think it would) those same things. It did strike me that keeping coming back to sensing in the body is important and extremely helpful though, whether or not someone is used to doing that and that for a less experienced group of people it may be necessary to include reminders to do this.”
“Anchors and Swimmers showed me how it is possible to slow down and self regulate within conflict, which guided me into greater awareness of the whole relational sphere. The practice is one of heart medicine, where I was able to connect to the reasoning behind a worldview that is, seemingly, the opposite to one that I currently hold. When I realized that both opposing worldviews were backed by the intention of a deep love for humanity, I felt hopeful in us, as a species, weeding through conflict and finding unity, together.”

 “As a process, it felt quite safe, which was really nice. As a said in person, I was impressed with the model/process of having an anchor do the reflection, rather than the “opposing” person. Even though the reflection isn’t coming from the person with whom there’s conflict, I think it nevertheless has a powerful regulating (feeling heard) effect, which in turn would contribute to resolving conflict. This is a model I’d like to explore for myself in the future. “ 

For all classes and events please contact Monica by:

774 836 4376


These sessions and classes are not meant as a substitute for psychotherapy.
A referral may be offered or suggested if these services are needed.


The Magic Of Gender guided meditation/ Focusing attunememnt.

The Magic Of Gender, guided meditation prompts. Please do join us for our regular monthly meetings discussing, from our inner authentic experiences, such topics as racism, agism, gender, sexuality, patriarchy and more. Email Monica for more information...