Self Care Rituals

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What would it take to get a little more self care into your life? Would you like to feel emotionally supported to care for yourself in the presence of others caring for themselves? Would you like to come to online bi weekly self care rituals with a small group of gender diverse individuals? Are you are cautiously curious? What do you need to know that would help develop your interest and trust?

Monica Miller Coaching is offering Bi Weekly Self Care Rituals designed to enhance wellbeing, to calm and support our nervous systems, and to promote pleasurable experiences in group settings. Maintaining emotional and mental health is our goal.

How do we begin our meetings?

We ask in a sentence or word what each participant needs in order to feel safe (examples might be stating pronouns, stating differently abled needs, if you need to leave early, understanding around feeling “down” or in a bad mood etc)

Who is leading the meetings and what will the content be like?

Monica will lead meetings drawing upon her training in: Pagan Ritual, Roth 5 Rhythms, Clown Improv, Esalen Massage, Body Mind Centering, Yoga, inner Relationship Focusing, Healing Shame, nature connection.

Each meeting will begin with safety connection requests then Monica or a pre selected participant will lead an attunement or grounding exercise. From that place we will be given gentle guidance into our self care ritual of the day. Simple, easy to follow experiences such as self massage (hands, neck etc), movement (you can move from where you are including in your chair), visualizations, music and singing (you can have your mic off if you want)

Do I have to keep my camera on in order to attend? For the greeting part of the meeting and the debriefing ending process yes but otherwise no.

How will we end the sessions?

We will close with sharing “how that was for you as a process”. Sharing includes any feelings you might have positive or “negative”. Negative feelings may arise due to various reasons including difficulty in letting oneself feel warmth and self love. Our process of self care is designed to increase and stabilize our ability to feel pleasurable emotions and be grounded in presence.

Can I be a leader and share something I do for self care?

Yes! Please first participate in one or more self care rituals and then let us know what you might like to share.

Do I have to come to every session? You might like to but no, it’s up to you how often you attend.

Is this free? If you would like to come and need it to be free, then yes. Otherwise please make a small donation for our time and effort when you sign up on EventBrite. Contact Monica by email

Below is a short video demo of gentle improv movement exercise with Monica and Maryzelle Musician